Academic skills


MSc at Imperial College of London

MSc in Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid-Structure Interaction


Mechanical engineering student at ENSAM (French engineering school)


Ranked 1rst of an undergraduate course in advanced math and physics


Baccalauréat (equivalent to A-levels), with honours


Personnal achievements I'm proud of

  • I can understand almost every IL piece of code I read
  • I know pretty well how to inject code in running processes, and how to modify .Net method implementations both at runtime (CLR injection) or after compilation (recompilation)
  • I've detected a deadlock in Oracle connector (production environement at SGCIB) occurring randomly on high loads - e.g. several thousands of requests per second.
    Oracle delivered us a patch after I successfully reproduced it (using code injection to synchronize threads)
  • I think I'm a good teacher on technical matters.

Pieces of code I'm proud of:

  • A basic .Net assembly decompiler
  • A custom Linq query provider supporting almost every linq operation (EF linq-to-entites like)
  • A full & robust string-to-Expression parser (System.Linq.Expression, I mean)
  • A kernel-mode driver (for an USB device)
  • A C++/C# mapper without a single line of C++/CLI, though that instanciates C++ classes & overrides virtual functions on them (using marshalling, P/Invoke & manually overriding C++ virtual tables)
  • An algorithm which detects a shape held by a user (using a Kinect sensor), and which simulates a turbulent fluid flow around it (realtime)

Work experience


Developer, at SGCIB (X-One team)

- Via Margo Conseil

X-One is a cross asset pre and post-trading application used by traders, sales and middle offices, aiming to rationalize SGCIB's information system.

Fixed income team (Bonds, futures, options...)

  • Participated to in Exchange Traded Funds integration
  • Developed an RMDS (Reuters Market Data System) source publishing ETFs product prices.
  • Integration of Omgeo Oasys Local (a trade confirmation system)
  • Integration of GETC (another trade confirmation system over SWIFT network)
  • Candidate interviews


ERP architect at AXoma consultants

Functional specifications definition, and ERP developpement

Functionalities :

  • Large scale or per project bills handling
  • Time sheets and project management
  • Per project and overall treasury forecasts
  • Budget management
  • Contacts,expenses, performance reporting, forecasts reporting...

Sector : Organization and Strategy


Projects manager at Arts & Métiers junior company (AMJE) :

Managed and realized various projects

Summer 2010

Software architect at Intice

  • Designed an iPhone application SyncEventsToCal aiming synchronization between your "social calendar" (facebook, salesforce...) and the iPhone's one (iCal)
  • Programed a mini-ERP for CTICM (bills, publications management, course subscription management, reporting...)

Summer 2008

Software developper (self-employed)

Programmed software for managing contact databases and sold it.
Aiming large companies by using a centralized database system. Short demo here

Summer 2007

Data capture operator, at C-GES:

Sorted and captured water bills on computer, aiming to detect canalization leaks

Summer 2006

Building work

Destruciton and reconstruction of part of a plant

Technical skills

Spoken languages

French (mother tongue)

10 years long studies + 1 year spent in London

5 years long studies + 1 month spent in spain

.Net Technologies

.Net Framework  C#, IL, VB... started with .Net 1.1 !
WPF  Control styling, advanced layouts...
Windows Forms  See example
WCF  One way webservices, Bing maps API...
Remoting  Mainly used for interprocess communication

Web Technologies, Databases

HTML, Css 
PHP  FirePHP & XDebug debugging
Javascript jQuery Framework
Flash/Actionscript  See paintings simulator

Autres technologies

C++  Native or managedSee example
Java Tomcat, JNI & applets
OpenGL  Simple renders, multitexturing, lighting
Objective C Cocoa. Cf. iPhone application
Assembleur By curiosity

A propos de moi

Né dans une famille d'industriels, j'ai évolué dans un milieu qui m'a apporté un certain sens du concret et un goût pour l'autonomie et les prises de décision.

Je me suis de plus très vite intéressé à l'informatique, sans avoir alors l'ambition d'en faire un métier.

Ce n'est que plus tard que j'ai pu allier mes goûts, mon savoir et mon talent au travers de mon intérêt pour les systèmes d'information.

Mes coordonées

190 chemin de l'olympe
13290 Les Milles France
72 67 45 62 6 )33+(

Quelques réalisations

  • Sites
    • Hélicoptères Guimbal
      • Présentation
      • Simulateur de décoration 3D (Flash)
      • Éditeur d'articles (Javascript)
    • Todam.fr
  • Logiciels (loisirs seulement)
    • Simulateur d'écoulements fluides (C++)
    • Synchroniseur de calendriers (iPhone: Objective C)
    • Gestionnaire de contacts via BDD (C#)
    • Gestionnaire de vie étudiante (C#)
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